Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Beautiful Mind

This is a poem I wrote sometime last year, I thought I'd share it with the world.

One dream, one thought, can change our plans
That's how powerful our minds are
From sexual fantasies to burning realities
The mind is always free, it seems
Even if locked in a box, your body still
the mind can breathe, and grow at will
freedom isn't physical, just a state of mind
even if others, aren't too kind
because the one thing I, and everyone has
is a beautiful mind.

Comments? Suggestions?


  1. Hi Cedric...nice to meet you. Beautiful poem.

    Regarding your comment on my post about your book idea being good for a movie, it would be great if you follow few screenplay/scriptwriters blogs and see if you can write the screenplay of your book by following their tips. I have heard about a screenplay writer (Alexandra Sokoloff's blog)
    Here is the link

  2. Thanks a lot, I already checked her page out and it got me hooked